Protect and Maintain Cardholder Data with PCI DSS DLP

Strac fortifies cardholder data protection with advanced DLP, ensuring PCI DSS compliance and elevating business security.

Understanding PCI-DSS

PCI-DSS, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, comprises guidelines and security measures designed to ensure that all companies handling credit card information maintain a secure environment. This global standard is crucial for protecting cardholder data from misuse and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Although PCI-DSS includes 12 key requirements, Strac’s PCI DSS Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool specifically addresses several critical components, enhancing compliance and security efforts.

Strac’s Approach to Protecting Cardholder Data

Protecting cardholder data presents a series of complex challenges that can strain any organization's security infrastructure.
Data Identification and Classification 
Accurate identification and classification are the first steps in data security. Strac systems excel in precise data handling.

This ensures industry compliance and provides a robust defense against potential breaches.
Data Encryption
Protecting cardholder data requires relentless vigilance. Strac secures data from entry through every phase of its lifecycle.

Our encryption shields sensitive information like credit card numbers across platforms with advanced tokenization and proxy APIs.
Access Control and Monitoring 
Strac enforces stringent access controls, customizing data accessibility to align with specific job roles.

Our enhanced monitoring detects and alerts you on any unusual activity, keeping your data safe.

Automate PCI DSS Compliance
for Streamlined Security Management

Efficient Compliance Solutions

Strac automates compliance with PCI DSS, significantly reducing the risk of costly penalties. Our solutions ensure your business meets essential standards efficiently and effectively.

Continuous Data Discovery and Classification

Identify and categorize cardholder data with precision in your digital environments. Strac’s capabilities support rigorous PCI DSS requirements for protecting stored data, ensuring seamless compliance.

Real-time data redaction and encryption

Secure cardholder data during transmission with Strac’s real-time redaction and encryption. These features align perfectly with PCI DSS mandates to safeguard data in motion, protecting your information at every turn.

Why You Need Cloud-Native DLP For PCI-DSS Compliance

With Strac, gain the visibility needed for effective compliance management. Our reporting and auditing tools provide detailed insights into your compliance status, highlighting achievements and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Granular access controls and monitoring

Our advanced access controls and continuous monitoring systems are crucial to upholding PCI DSS standards.  They restrict data access to authorized personnel only, while our monitoring technology alerts your security team to any unauthorized access attempts immediately.

Integration with SaaS and cloud platforms

Strac integrates effortlessly with leading SaaS and cloud platforms, including Zendesk, Slack, Gmail, and Dropbox. This integration extends your PCI DSS compliance across all platforms, ensuring thorough data protection.

Why You Need Cloud-Native DLP
For PCI-DSS Compliance

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is essential for all entities governed by PCI DSS, as the standard mandates its implementation across several key areas:

Detect and Prevent Data Exposure

Appendix 3.2.6 of PCI DSS requires the implementation of mechanisms to safeguard sensitive data, specifically clear text PANs, from leaving secured environments. Strac’s cloud-native DLP efficiently prevents data breaches by monitoring and protecting this critical information.

Support Robust Security Policies

Section 12 of PCI DSS stresses the importance of strong security policies. Strac’s DLP technology aids in developing and enforcing these policies, raising security awareness and ensuring compliance across the organization.

Minimize Risks

Section 3 of PCI DSS advises minimizing data storage and securing data transmissions. Strac’s DLP solutions focus on reducing risks by truncating unnecessary data and encrypting data in transit, especially through vulnerable channels.

Strac Protects Your Cardholder
Data and Ensures Full PCI
DSS Compliance

Strac's solutions are engineered to secure cardholder data across its entire lifecycle, adhering strictly to PCI DSS standards. We ensure that all cardholder information remains encrypted, access-controlled, and continuously monitored.

Trust Strac to keep your information safe and compliant.