Shield Your Inbox with Strac Email Security and Protection Solution

Strac's advanced algorithms detect and prevent unauthorized access, offering encryption and real-time monitoring for robust Mac endpoint security.

The Email Challenge

Enterprises face evolving email security challenges, from sophisticated phishing to ransomware. Protecting sensitive data and maintaining compliance is crucial amidst these threats, demanding robust and adaptable email security solutions.

How Strac Email Security Solution Protects Your Inbox

Discover unparalleled protection against data leakage threats, with advanced data discovery and tailored redaction strategies, ensuring a secure and compliant email environment.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Advanced detection of sensitive information within emails, ensuring thorough monitoring and identification of critical data in email communication.

Data Redaction

Offers comprehensive redaction capabilities, effectively masking personal and sensitive information (PII & PHI) in both email content and attachments for enhanced privacy.

Compliance Support

Facilitates strict adherence to various industry standards and regulations, helping businesses maintain compliance and avoid potential legal and financial penalties.

Strac Redaction Experience

A unique feature allowing authorized personnel to securely access the identified sensitive data stored in Strac Vault, ensuring controlled and safe data handling.

Incoming Email Remediation

Provides a range of configurable actions for incoming emails, including alert, redact, delete, and encrypt, allowing for proactive threat mitigation and data protection.

Outgoing Email Remediation

Empowers users with customizable controls for outgoing emails, such as alert, redact, block, justify, and encrypt, to ensure secure and responsible information dissemination.

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Integrates with Leading Email Platforms

Strac offers a one-click integration that allows you to get going quickly. 

Ensure Email Security with Strac

Advanced data protection and seamless compliance for robust, safe business communications.