Zoom DLP

Zoom DLP

Detect & Remediate (Alert, Redact) Sensitive Data on Zoom Chats


  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is crucial for securing sensitive information in organizations using Zoom.
  • Challenges include preventing exposure of sensitive data, ensuring compliance with regulations, and mitigating insider threats.
  • Strac DLP for Zoom offers content analysis, compliance enforcement, and mitigation of insider threats.
  • It facilitates secure collaboration, promotes user education, and integrates with corporate policies.
  • Overall, Strac DLP enhances security and compliance in Zoom communications.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a crucial component in securing sensitive information within an organization, especially in today's era where digital communication platforms like Zoom have become integral to business operations. Integrating DLP with Zoom can address several security challenges and needs.

1. Understanding the Need for Zoom DLP: Addressing the Challenges

a. Preventing Exposure of Sensitive Information

  • During virtual meetings, participants might share sensitive data such as financial records, personal information, intellectual property, or trade secrets. Without proper controls, this information can be exposed to unauthorized participants or leaked outside the organization.
Sensitive Data on Zoom

b. Ensuring Compliance with Regulations

  • Many industries are governed by strict regulatory standards (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA) that mandate the protection of sensitive information. Organizations using Zoom for communication must ensure they comply with these regulations to avoid legal and financial penalties.

c. Mitigating Risks from Insider Threats

  • Employees or insiders might intentionally or unintentionally share sensitive data during Zoom calls or through the platform's chat feature, leading to potential data breaches.

d. Safeguarding Against External Attacks

  • Phishing attacks or unauthorized access by external attackers can lead to the capture of sensitive information shared during Zoom sessions.

e. Enhancing Visibility and Control

  • Organizations might find it challenging to monitor and control what information is being shared on Zoom, leading to potential data leaks.

2. Leveraging Strac DLP to Address Zoom DLP Challenges

a. Implementing Content Analysis and Filtering

  • Strac's Zoom DLP analyzes the content shared during Zoom meetings and in chats in real-time, identifies sensitive information based on predefined policies and rules, and remediate the sensitive information via redaction or deletion of that sensitive data. See Strac Catalog of all sensitive data elements

b. Enforcing Compliance Measures

  • Strac Zoom DLP helps enforce compliance with various regulations by ensuring that only authorized data is shared during meetings and that any sharing is logged and auditable. This includes redaction features to anonymize sensitive information before it is shared.
Strac Zoom DLP Redacting Sensitive File

c. Mitigating Insider Threats Effectively

  • By monitoring data shared on Zoom, Strac DLP will detect and prevent unauthorized disclosures by insiders, whether malicious or accidental. This includes tracking file uploads and messages sent through Zoom's chat feature.

d. Facilitating Secure Collaboration

  • Strac Zoom DLP enables secure collaboration within Zoom by ensuring that only approved information is shared with external parties. Policies can be configured to restrict sharing based on user roles, meeting settings, or the sensitivity of the data.

e. Promoting User Education

  • Strac Zoom DLP provides immediate feedback to users attempting to share sensitive information, educating them on data protection policies and reducing inadvertent data leaks.

f. Integrating with Corporate Policies

  • Strac Zoom DLP can be integrated with broader organizational data protection strategies, ensuring consistency across all communication channels. This includes alignment with existing DLP policies for email, customer support, slack, teams, Jira, Confluence, ChatGPT, cloud storage like AWS S3, and other platforms. Checkout all our available integrations

By addressing these challenges, Strac DLP solution for Zoom will significantly enhance an organization's ability to protect sensitive information while utilizing the convenience and functionality of Zoom for business communications. This ensures that as companies continue to rely on digital communication platforms, they can do so without compromising on security and compliance.liance.


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