OneDrive DLP

OneDrive DLP

Detect & Redact PII or Sensitive Files - OneDrive DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

TL;DR: Strac - The Solution to OneDrive DLP

  • OneDrive has several issues, including unintentional data leaks, malicious insider threats, compliance risks, and lack of visibility.
  • Strac OneDrive DLP Solution offers real-time monitoring, automated data classification, redaction capabilities, intelligent alerting system, and compliance management.
  • Strac simplifies compliance management, provides audit trails and reporting features, and offers a user-friendly and customizable interface.

Why is OneDrive DLP Important and the Problems it Solves?

OneDrive, Microsoft's flagship cloud storage solution, enables seamless data storage and sharing across different devices. However, several issues arise in its usage, making the need for a DLP solution apparent.

1. Unintentional Data Leaks: A Major Concern with OneDrive

Human error is an unavoidable factor in any system involving people. Employees might accidentally share confidential data with unauthorized individuals, causing data leaks. Without a DLP solution, preventing or even detecting such occurrences promptly is impossible.

2. Malicious Insider Threats: Protecting Your Data on OneDrive

Employees with malicious intentions can misuse their access privileges to leak sensitive data. While OneDrive provides access control, it cannot track how data is used once access is granted, making detecting and preventing malicious insider activities difficult.

3. Compliance Risks: Addressing Regulatory Requirements on OneDrive

Regulatory compliance, such as GDPR, HIPAA, etc., requires businesses to protect specific data types. Any non-compliance, whether intentional or not, can lead to severe legal and financial repercussions. With OneDrive's standard setup, ensuring compliance with various regulations can be challenging.

4. Lack of Visibility: How Strac Enhances Monitoring on OneDrive

OneDrive doesn’t natively offer a complete overview of how and where data is being used. Without a clear data usage map, managing and securing sensitive data proactively becomes almost impossible.

Introducing Strac OneDrive DLP Solution: Key Features and Benefits

Strac OneDrive DLP Solution protects businesses with the following core features:

1. Real-time Monitoring: Stay Ahead of Data Breaches on OneDrive

Strac OneDrive DLP solution provides real-time monitoring of all data on the platform. Strac tracks who is accessing what data, when, and how they use it, immediately detecting unauthorized or suspicious activity.

Strac DLP: Real Time Monitoring and Classification of Sensitive Data

2. Automated Data Classification: Simplifying Data Management on OneDrive

Strac OneDrive DLP automatically classifies data based on sensitivity and compliance requirements. It tags and manages data, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

3. Redaction Capabilities: Safeguarding Sensitive Information on OneDrive

Strac's advanced redaction capabilities enhance data security and privacy further. This feature enables removing or masking sensitive information in documents before they are shared or downloaded.

4. Intelligent Alerting System: Proactive Notifications on OneDrive

In case of a potential data leak or breach, Strac OneDrive DLP promptly alerts the responsible parties. Strac deploys intelligent machine learning algorithms that are highly accurate to avoid false positives, often leading to alert fatigue.

5. Compliance Management: Ensuring Regulatory Compliance on OneDrive

Strac OneDrive DLP simplifies compliance management by identifying regulated data and providing features to enforce regulatory policies. Moreover, it offers audit trails and reporting features for demonstrating compliance during audits.

6. User-friendly and Customizable: Tailoring Strac to Your OneDrive Needs

While feature-rich, Strac UI Vault is user-friendly with beautiful reporting and analysis of how much sensitive data exists in OneDrive, who is sharing with whom, distribution of data over time, etc.


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