HubSpot DLP

HubSpot DLP

Protect Sensitive Information in HubSpot


  • HubSpot lacks robust data protection features, making it challenging to manage sensitive information.
  • Existing data protection solutions are not designed for cloud-based platforms like HubSpot.
  • These shortcomings can lead to decreased productivity, data breaches, and non-compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Strac's DLP software offers a tailored solution for HubSpot, detecting and redacting sensitive content in email conversations.
  • Strac's software allows businesses to customize and secure sensitive data elements, mask or redact, receive alerts, and integrate Single Sign-On capabilities.

Protecting Sensitive Data in HubSpot: The Challenge and Solutions

Customers post sensitive personal information (PII or PHI) on Hubspot Ticketing system that is modeled as HubSpot Conversation Inbox for a given business function. Some of the burning reasons on why your Zendesk account needs to be protected:

  1. HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of tools encompassing marketing, sales, customer service, and customer relationship management (CRM). One of the burning reasons on why your HubSpot account needs to be protected is the lack of robust HubSpot DLP (Data Leak Prevention) features. However, there's a rapid influx of sensitive information, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), PHI (Protected Health Information), passwords, credentials, PCI (Payment Card Information) data like credit card and other confidential data into the HubSpot system. Identifying and managing this data through manual methods is an extremely challenging task.
  2. One significant limitation of HubSpot is its lack of robust data protection features. It doesn't come equipped with advanced data loss prevention (DLP), data categorization, or content filtering technologies that are standard in enterprise-grade solutions.
  3. Furthermore, the existing data protection solutions in the market are primarily designed for hardware devices and network systems, not cloud-based platforms like HubSpot. This makes their integration and implementation quite complex. These solutions often lack flexibility, precision, and user-friendliness for developers, as they predominantly rely on basic methodologies like regular expressions and straightforward heuristics.
  4. Such shortcomings can lead to several issues, including decreased productivity, elevated risks of data breaches, and potential non-compliance with regulatory standards.
  5. Compliance: Every day, government legislation passes Consumer Privacy laws geared to protect consumer data from malicious entities. CCPA, GDPR, India's DPDP (Digital Personal Data Protection), etc. Manually scanning sensitive messages in your employees' HubSpot accounts to ensure compliance is a daunting and challenging task. This deep inspection process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Despite these difficulties, it remains crucial for companies to adhere to compliance standards and prevent the unauthorized leakage of sensitive data.

Ensuring Compliance and Safeguarding Sensitive Data in HubSpot with Strac

Strac HubSpot DLP (Data Leak Prevention) software

  • Strac's innovative DLP software is specifically tailored for HubSpot, focusing on the secure handling of sensitive information found in email conversations within the platform. It efficiently identifies sensitive content in messages and attachments exchanged through HubSpot's email system.
  • There is no way to edit information in a Support ticket initiated through email. Strac Hubspot DLP offers an automated solution to detect and redact sensitive data in these communications. The software adeptly masks or redacts sensitive elements, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view the original content through Strac's secure UI Vault. This feature is particularly useful for safeguarding private information such as PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or PHI (Protected Health Information), effectively blocking unauthorized access.
  • Businesses using Strac for HubSpot can customize the software to recognize and redact a variety of sensitive data elements including Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth, Driver's License numbers, Passport details, Credit Card and Debit Card numbers, API Keys, Financial Documents like Tax, Bank Statements, Confidential Data, and more. Compliance, Risk, and Security officers benefit from comprehensive audit reports detailing access to specific messages. Full Catalog: ‎
  • Moreover, Strac offers configurable alert settings, allowing businesses to receive notifications via email or Slack for any detected sensitive information. Additionally, the integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities ensures that employees can securely authenticate themselves to access sensitive data from Strac's Vault, provided they have the necessary authorization. This combination of features makes Strac an essential tool for businesses using HubSpot to manage email conversations while maintaining strict data protection and compliance standards.
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