Secure Every ChatGPT Interaction with Strac ChatGPT DLP

Protect against unintended data leaks and maintain data integrity in every ChatGPT interaction. Minimize risks and ensure regulatory compliance.
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Extensible No-Code DLP Solution

Strac bolsters the security of your ChatGPT conversations, ensuring each interaction remains protected.
ISO 27001 & 27701

Risks in using ChatGPT

Companies of all sizes are required to ensure no employee share any kind of sensitive data to ChatGPT

Data Sprawling: Accidental data sharing

Sensitive data submitted in a ChatGPT prompt leaks into OpenAI, making it a potential attack vector that security teams need to monitor.

LLM Data Leaks

When an employee uses ChatGPT and includes an active API key in their prompt, it can't be deleted from OpenAI's servers and might be used for further training unless explicitly opted out. Additionally, recent events show that ChatGPT can be tricked into generating active API keys, posing a risk of those keys reaching threat actors. This can lead to unauthorized access and data theft. Security teams must ensure that company data does not reach OpenAI servers.

Compliance Breaches

Traditional DLP methods often lack visibility into cloud-based apps like ChatGPT, complicating compliance with frameworks such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and SOC 2. Employees might leak sensitive customer or vendor data to OpenAI through prompts, ChatGPT responses may include sensitive data unknowingly incorporated into work, and generated code can have hidden vulnerabilities, leading to data leakage or loss.

Navigating ChatGPT Security Risk with Strac's Advanced DLP

As ChatGPT usage grows, accidental data sharing poses a risk. Strac ChatGPT DLP seamlessly integrates with the AI chatbot, guarding against unintended data leaks through real-time chat monitoring and retraction.
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Immediate Risk Alerts
Strac immediately notifies if any sensitive data (PII, PHI, PCI, Confidential data including code snippets) is shared within ChatGPT prompts. By staying vigilant, Strac helps businesses proactively fend off potential data breaches or misuse.
Automated Sensitivity Analysis
Strac employs its proprietary Machine Learning technology to constantly monitor sensitive ChatGPT content, flagging and categorizing data that could be deemed confidential. This offers companies an added layer of safeguard, ensuring that proprietary or personal details remain protected.
Message Redaction
To guarantee user privacy and data integrity, Strac adeptly masks or redacts any sensitive segments of ChatGPT dialogues.
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Configurable Chat Security Settings
Understanding the varied requirements of modern enterprises, Strac allows companies to specify their own data sensitivity rules for ChatGPT interactions. This provides a flexible and tailored approach to data protection, suitable for diverse business models.
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Configurable Remediation Actions
Customers can configure different modes like Audit, Alert, Block, Redact sensitive data for their AI websites. These remediation actions give customers the flexibility to do right thing for their employees and enable using ChatGPT securely and efficiently.
Customers can replace original sensitive data with fake data also called as pseudonyms. ChatGPT can work with the fake data and produce better results than compeltely removing the customer sensitive data .

Strac DLP's Key Features for ChatGPT Security Concerns

Protection Against Accidental Shares
Mistakes happen. Recognizing this, Strac ensures that unintentional data disclosures during ChatGPT interactions are mitigated, safeguarding internal information that employees might unknowingly expose, thinking they're in a secure space.
Real-time Data Anonymization
Strac promptly anonymizes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Payment Card Information (PCI) within ChatGPT prompts, certifying that proprietary data remains undisclosed and unshared with ChatGPT.
Compliance Assurance
Strac's solution ensures that interactions with ChatGPT comply with stringent privacy regulations, like GDPR and CCPA, by anonymizing sensitive information before it reaches ChatGPT, thus protecting businesses from potential non-compliance penalties.
Advanced Classification Mechanisms
ChatDLP employs a combination of Large Language Model-based algorithms and regular expressions to filter out and categorize sensitive details such as names, emails, credit card numbers, and more, ensuring a multi-layered protection.
Chrome Extension for Seamless Integration
Strac offers a secure Browser Extension (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox) that enables businesses to harness the capabilities of ChatGPT without compromising on data security standards, presenting a balanced blend of functionality and safety.
Transparent ChatGPT Oversight
With Strac, businesses receive a clear view into how their data interacts with ChatGPT. From pinpointing potential risks to monitoring chat health, stakeholders can ensure their operations remain compliant and secure.

Identify over 100 types of sensitive information using Strac's ML-powered detectors.

Strac’s Advanced Protection for ChatGPT DLP

With Strac, enhance the security of your ChatGPT dialogues and AI-driven engagements. Dive into our superior cloud infrastructure paired with in-depth customization, making Strac a leader in the ChatGPT DLP domain.
Compliance Templates Ready
Deploy PCI, HIPAA, GDPR standards swiftly with Strac's pre-designed compliance setups tailored for ChatGPT.
Detailed Interaction Audits
Strac records every ChatGPT interaction, simplifying audits and streamlining oversight processes.
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Up-to-date Security Insights
Stay ahead with Strac's regular updates on emerging threats and best practices for ChatGPT.
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Flexible Protection Settings
Strac allows easy ChatGPT security customization, balancing user needs and data safety.
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In-depth User Activity Analytics
Strac deciphers ChatGPT patterns, offering insights for strategy development and data security.
Always-on Expert Assistance
Strac's expert team is ever ready, providing timely guidance for all your ChatGPT security concerns.

What our customers say

Hear from companies who leveraged Strac to secure and accelerate their business

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Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Sensitive Data Discovery on G2
Strac is a leader in Data-Centric Security on G2
Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Data-Centric Security on G2
Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Sensitive Data Discovery on G2
Users love Strac on G2
Strac is a leader in Sensitive Data Discovery on G2
Strac is a leader in Sensitive Data Discovery on G2

“Strac protects our customer support communication channels

To protect our clients as well as ourselves, we needed a secure way to protect our communication channels for security and compliance reasons. We used Strac's Email Redaction solution where Strac protects all our employee inboxes. The redaction experience is beautiful, easy, and secure. It catches all kinds of sensitive pdfs, jpegs, images, word docs, and even in email bodies. The integration was up and running in a few minutes. The service offered by Strac's team is the best I have seen as we work with a lot of SaaS providers.

We Highly Recommend Strac to all businesses who want to protect their SaaS apps.

Nathan Seifert
Head of IT at Trivium
Nathan Seifert Portrait

“Strac secures our PII on customer support and on backend servers

On our Intercom customer support, anyone can send sensitive data to a business and a business is liable even if they did not ask for it. Strac solves that huge problem by automatically redacting sensitive data that is shared over Intercom with their accurate machine learning technology. We also leveraged Strac's Zero Data architecture via tokenization & proxy APIs so that we don't have to worry about touching sensitive data and documents on our backend servers. Strac dramatically reduces security and SOC compliance risks for us while significantly improving security posture for Seis. Strac's solutions were extremely easy to integrate (literally in few minutes) and scaled to meet our needs.

Josh Howland
CTO and Co-Founder at Seis
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“Loved Strac's Interceptor Solution

We leverage Strac's tokenization & interceptor solution so that we don't have to worry touching sensitive SSNs and can leverage Strac's security expertise in building hundreds of security controls.

We could also detect identity fraud using Strac's unique tokenization solution which we are really happy with. That saved us a ton of financial losses and headaches. We are looking forward to integrating with various other Strac solutions deep into our tech stack.

Kevin Hopkins
CTO at Zeta
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Strac ChatGPT Integration

Reinforcing Data Privacy in ChatGPT Conversations

With Strac's advanced tools, ChatGPT interactions are meticulously monitored, ensuring sensitive data stays protected and user trust remains intact.