Protect Patient Health Data with HIPAA DLP

Learn why and how to identify, classify, and redact PHI data elements stored across your organization.

Challenges in protecting patient health data - HIPAA Security Rule

Healthcare organizations are required to secure PHI or ePHI because of following reasons

Technical Safeguard: Access Control

§ 164.312(a): Assign a unique user identification to each person with access to ePHI. Establish procedures to obtain necessary ePHI during an emergency. Implement electronic procedures that terminate an electronic session after a predetermined time of inactivity. Implement a mechanism to encrypt and decrypt ePHI (addressable).

Technical Safeguard: Audit Control

§ 164.312(b): Implement mechanisms that record and examine activity in information systems that contain or use ePHI.

Technical Safeguard: Transmission Security

§ 164.312(e): Implement technical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to ePHI that is being transmitted over an electronic communications network. Implement security measures to ensure that electronically transmitted ePHI is not improperly modified without detection until disposed of. Encrypt ePHI whenever deemed appropriate (addressable).

Streamlining HIPAA compliance through automation

With Strac's proactive compliance mechanisms, healthcare organizations canreliably meet HIPAA mandates, avoiding costly violations.

Automated PHI Redaction for HIPAA DLP

Strac's algorithms quickly identify and redact PHI, bolstering defenses against data breaches and unauthorized disclosures. Learn more

Seamless SaaS Integrations for HIPAA DLP

Strac HIPAA DLP seamlessly integrates with enterprise SaaS applications, enabling secure PHI handling without complex IT infrastructure changes. Checkout our SaaS, Cloud and Endpoint DLP Integrations

Implementing Tokenization for Data Anonymity in HIPAA DLP

By tokenizing PHI, Strac adds an extra layer of security, rendering data useless to hackers while retaining its operational value for analysis.

Customizing Security Protocols for HIPAA DLP

Strac DLP provides customizable security settings to meet the specific PHI protection needs of various healthcare organizations.

Utilizing Predefined Compliance Templates for HIPAA DLP

Utilize Strac's built-in compliance templates to streamline adherence to HIPAA requirements, minimizing administrative burden and error.

Enhancing Content Discovery and Classification for HIPAA DLP

Strac's system continuously scans, classfiies and monitors for PHI risks, providing instant alerts and responses to potential security incidents.

What our customers say

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Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Sensitive Data Discovery on G2
Strac is a leader in Data-Centric Security on G2
Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Data-Centric Security on G2
Strac is a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on G2
Strac is a leader in Sensitive Data Discovery on G2
Users love Strac on G2
Strac is a leader in Sensitive Data Discovery on G2
Strac is a leader in Sensitive Data Discovery on G2

“Strac protects our customer support communication channels

To protect our clients as well as ourselves, we needed a secure way to protect our communication channels for security and compliance reasons. We used Strac's Email Redaction solution where Strac protects all our employee inboxes. The redaction experience is beautiful, easy, and secure. It catches all kinds of sensitive pdfs, jpegs, images, word docs, and even in email bodies. The integration was up and running in a few minutes. The service offered by Strac's team is the best I have seen as we work with a lot of SaaS providers.

We Highly Recommend Strac to all businesses who want to protect their SaaS apps.

Nathan Seifert
Head of IT at Trivium
Nathan Seifert Portrait

“Strac secures our PII on customer support and on backend servers

On our Intercom customer support, anyone can send sensitive data to a business and a business is liable even if they did not ask for it. Strac solves that huge problem by automatically redacting sensitive data that is shared over Intercom with their accurate machine learning technology. We also leveraged Strac's Zero Data architecture via tokenization & proxy APIs so that we don't have to worry about touching sensitive data and documents on our backend servers. Strac dramatically reduces security and SOC compliance risks for us while significantly improving security posture for Seis. Strac's solutions were extremely easy to integrate (literally in few minutes) and scaled to meet our needs.

Josh Howland
CTO and Co-Founder at Seis
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“Loved Strac's Interceptor Solution

We leverage Strac's tokenization & interceptor solution so that we don't have to worry touching sensitive SSNs and can leverage Strac's security expertise in building hundreds of security controls.

We could also detect identity fraud using Strac's unique tokenization solution which we are really happy with. That saved us a ton of financial losses and headaches. We are looking forward to integrating with various other Strac solutions deep into our tech stack.

Kevin Hopkins
CTO at Zeta
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Secure patient data with Strac's advanced DLP system. Prevent breaches, ensure HIPAA adherence, and maintain patient confidentiality with our cutting-edge technology and seamless integration.

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