Scan and Remediate PII in SaaS ,Cloud & Endpoints

Become compliant with data privacy laws by effective PII scanning & redaction-reducing the risk of data breaches and the associated legal and reputational consequences.

Monitor 100+ File Types With Strac PII Scanner

Strac PII Scanner automates PII discovery and classification across SaaS apps, Cloud apps, Endpoint devices, file storage drives and databases, ensuring compliance with efficient risk management and reporting.

Complete Protection Across SaaS, Cloud, and Endpoints

Strac runs a real-time scan across SaaS applications like O365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce to identify and mask PII collected and stored there. It extends its capabilities to cloud applications like S3 and RDS, endpoint devices, and storage drives.

Unstructured Document Scanning

Strac will scan for sensitive data in unstructured documents across all formats like pdf, jpeg, png (images/screenshots), docx (word documents), xlsx (excel spreadsheets) via its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and special purpose machine learning algorithms.
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Unstructured Text

Strac will scan unstructured text like chat messages, transcripts, customer support conversations, email bodies and detect sensitive data with its accurate Machine Learning (ML) model.

Sensitive Data Remediation

Once Strac detects sensitive data in your tools or storage — it automatically remediates them by redacting, masking, encrypting, deleting, alerting or blocking. Businesses can configure their data remediation actions.
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Enhanced Data Privacy Management

Strac gives a clear view of PII storage and usage within an organization, ensuring data privacy practices are up to date and effective.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Strac DLP evaluates the risks associated with storing and handling PII, helping organizations to proactively mitigate potential security threats.

Automated PII Discovery & Classification

By automatically scanning and classifying PII, it reduces workload and enhances accuracy, ensuring sensitive information is always correctly identified and managed.

Insights and Reporting

Strac PII Scanner provides valuable insights into where PII is stored and its usage. It also generates detailed reports for internal audits and compliance verification.

Integrate Your Complete SaaS Stack

Strac seamlessly integrates with SaaS, endpoints, and cloud apps, offering a streamlined setup process that takes just 5 minutes, helping you see immediate results.

PII protected by Strac


Data like Driver's License, SSN, EIN, including global identification numbers.


Identifiable data like License Plate numbers and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).

PII (Personal Identifiable Information)

Information such as Name, Address, Email, Phone, DoB.

Crypto Secrets

Cryptographic data like Seed Phrases, Bitcoin/Ethereum addresses.

PHI (Protected Health Information)

Health status, care details, and payment information linked to individuals.

Voice Recording

Audio recordings containing sensitive data elements mentioned above.

Financial Details

Bank and card details including Account, Routing Numbers, Credit/Debit Card info.

Trade Secrets

Company's confidential practices or processes not known externally.


Sensitive digital keys like API, OAuth Tokens, Passwords, and Passphrases.

Creative Files (PS, AI)

Protecting designs, videos, and screenshots in cloud storage.


Detection of inappropriate, offensive, or unwanted language and content.


User-defined detection/redaction of sensitive or confidential data elements.

Physical Network

Elements such as IP Addresses, CIDR Blocks, and MAC Addresses.

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