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August 26, 2023
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The Importance of DLP Scanning: A Comprehensive Look

Discover why DLP scanning is crucial for protecting sensitive data. Understand the benefits, implementation strategies, and how comprehensive DLP scanning can prevent data breaches.

The Importance of DLP Scanning: A Comprehensive Look
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August 26, 2023
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The Importance of DLP Scanning: A Comprehensive Look

Discover why DLP scanning is crucial for protecting sensitive data. Understand the benefits, implementation strategies, and how comprehensive DLP scanning can prevent data breaches.



  • DLP scanning is crucial in today's data-driven world to protect sensitive data and comply with regulations.
  • Strac DLP offers advanced scanning capabilities for various platforms like Google Drive, One Drive, SharePoint, Windows File Share, Gmail, Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Jira, Confluence, Notion, Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, Teams, Service Now, ClickUp, HelpScout, AWS CloudWatch Logs, and AWS S3.
  • Each DLP scan ensures that data remains secure, unauthorized access is prevented, and potential vulnerabilities are identified and rectified.
  • Strac DLP provides real-time monitoring, alerts for suspicious activities, and integration with popular communication tools like Slack, Teams, and Email for a seamless user experience.
  • Organizations can maintain their reputation by implementing DLP scanning, minimize data breach risks, and ensure financial security.

In today's data-driven world, where information flows seamlessly across platforms, the need for data protection has never been more paramount. DLP, or Data Loss Prevention solution, or Data Leak Prevention scans help identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data. Whether your organization uses SaaS applications, Cloud apps, or traditional file storage methods, a DLP scan is imperative. Here's why.

Why One Must Do a DLP Scan?

Data is an organization's lifeblood. However, with the proliferation of applications and platforms where data is stored, transmitted, and shared, the chances of data breaches, leaks, or unauthorized access increase exponentially. DLP scans help:

  1. Protect Sensitive Data: Prevent confidential information, be it customer data, intellectual property, or financial details, from being leaked or accessed inappropriately.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Many industries have regulations that mandate specific data protection. DLP scans ensure you remain compliant.
  3. Minimize Data Breach Risks: Identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
  4. Maintain Reputation: In an age where data breaches are headline news, protecting your organization's data can prevent public relations disasters.
  5. Financial Security: Data breaches can result in significant financial losses from the breach itself and subsequent lawsuits.

How Can Strac DLP Help with DLP Scan?

Strac DLP is a robust tool that aids in DLP scanning across a range of SaaS applications. With its advanced algorithms, Strac DLP can identify potential vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, and provide actionable insights to secure your data.

Graphs showing Sensitive Data Distribution By Data Elements
Strac DLP Scan

Google Drive DLP Scan

Why? Being an integral part of Google's suite of tools, Google Drive is a prominent destination for data storage and collaboration. Many organizations rely on its convenience and seamless integration with other applications. However, its widespread use can sometimes lead to lapses in security, such as unintentional public link sharing or inadvertent permissions granted to external parties.

Strac Google Drive DLP's Advantage: Strac Google Drive DLP's prowess lies in its ability to provide an in-depth scan of Google Drive, identifying potential security threats. By continuously monitoring sensitive files containing PII, PHI, PCI & any confidential data and alerting users about unauthorized sharing or suspicious access activities, Strac DLP ensures that sensitive data in Google Drive remains locked and key. If an external file is shared, Strac Google Drive DLP can be configured to have an approval workflow. If the approver (manager, IT admin, or security admin) approves the file-sharing, then only the file will be shared externally. Otherwise, the file will be blocked. The user experience of approval workflow is very convenient with Slack, Teams or Email integration.

Showcasing the Document before and after Redaction
Strac Google Drive DLP -Redact and

One Drive DLP Scan

Why? Microsoft's One Drive is a cornerstone for many corporate data storage solutions, given its integration with the broader Office 365 suite. While it offers robust native security features, the sheer volume of data stored and the intricate sharing options can sometimes lead to unintentional data exposure.

Strac One Drive DLP's Advantage: Strac One Drive DLP meticulously scans One Drive, ensuring that files with sensitive personal & confidential data are always under proper scrutiny. By actively monitoring access patterns and sharing behaviors, Strac DLP provides an added layer of protection, ensuring that data stays within the intended boundaries. Like Strac Google Drive DLP, the same approval workflow can be configured for One Drive to prevent unauthorized file sharing.

Sharepoint DLP Scan

Why? SharePoint is a central hub for enterprise collaboration, making it a repository for a vast range of organizational knowledge. The collaborative nature of the platform, combined with its multifaceted sharing options, can pose a challenge in maintaining strict data security protocols.

Strac Sharepoint DLP's Advantage: With its real-time monitoring capabilities, Strac SharepointDLP keeps a vigilant eye on SharePoint data transfers. By offering instantaneous alerts on suspicious activities and ensuring that data remains accessible only to authorized personnel, Strac DLP becomes an indispensable ally in SharePoint data security.

Windows File Share DLP Scan

Why? Although cloud solutions dominate the landscape, many organizations still rely on traditional data storage methods like Windows File Share. These conventional systems, often integrated deeply into organizational processes, can be overlooked in security audits, making them vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Strac Windows File Share DLP's Advantage: Strac Windows File Share DLP brings its state-of-the-art scanning technology to Windows File Shares, ensuring that these traditional repositories are not undefended. By analyzing access patterns and ensuring data remains accessible only to those with the right permissions, Strac DLP guarantees a holistic protection strategy.

Gmail DLP Scan

Why? Gmail is more than just an email service; it's a primary communication channel for countless organizations. With the vast amount of data flowing through emails, from attachments to inline content, there's always a risk of sensitive information being sent inadvertently or falling into the wrong hands.

Strac Gmail DLP's Advantage: Strac Gmail DLP elevates Gmail's security by continuously monitoring email content for potential data leaks. By scanning attachments, links, and even the body of emails, Strac DLP ensures that sensitive data remains within the organization, preventing unintentional leaks and unauthorized transmissions.

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Strac Gmail DLP
Strac Gmail DLP

‎Office 365 DLP Scan

Why? Office 365, with its vast array of applications, is a reservoir of corporate data, from spreadsheets to presentations. This suite, while comprehensive, can sometimes be a challenge to monitor, given the diversity of data types and storage methods it encompasses.

Strac Office 365 DLP's Advantage: Strac Office 365 DLP offers a unified scanning solution for the entire Office 365 suite. By providing insights into data stored in emails, documents, spreadsheets, and more, Strac DLP ensures that no stone is left unturned in the quest for data security.

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Box DLP Scan

Why? Box is a major collaboration and storage platform catering to diverse business needs. Its focus on collaboration means multiple avenues through which data can be accessed, shared, and edited. While this is a strength, it can also lead to unintentional exposure of sensitive data if not monitored correctly.

Strac Box DLP's Advantage: Strac Box DLP seamlessly integrates with Box, offering real-time scanning and monitoring of all data interactions. Strac DLP safeguards the wealth of information housed within Box by analyzing sharing behaviors, access patterns and ensuring that data remains confined to secure channels. When there's an attempt to share a file externally on Box, Strac Box DLP can trigger an approval workflow. The external sharing of the file is contingent on the approval from the chosen authority, be it a manager, IT admin, or security admin. Without this approval, the file's external sharing is restricted. The workflow's user experience is further refined with Slack, Teams, or Email integrations.

Showcasing Strac Box DLP
Strac Box DLP-Redact and Mask comments

Dropbox DLP Scan

Why? With its user-friendly interface, Dropbox has become a preferred choice for personal and professional data storage. Its ease of use, however, can sometimes lead to oversights in data security, such as public link sharing or misplaced data synchronization.

Strac Dropbox DLP's Advantage: Strac Dropbox DLP's comprehensive scanning capabilities for Dropbox ensure that all files and folders are continuously under surveillance. By identifying potential vulnerabilities and offering corrective measures, Strac DLP ensures that Dropbox remains a secure vault for your data.

Jira DLP Scan

Why? Jira, a leading project management tool, holds critical project details, timelines, and discussions. While central to organizational workflows, this platform can sometimes expose sensitive project information if not correctly configured.

Strac Jira DLP's Advantage: Strac Jira DLP tailors its scanning capabilities to the unique nature of Jira. Monitoring boards, tickets, and discussions ensures that project details and intellectual property remain confidential and shielded from prying eyes.

Confluence DLP Scan

Why? As an organizational knowledge base, Confluence is a repository of invaluable information, from internal documentation to strategy discussions. The collaborative nature of Confluence, while its strength, can sometimes lead to inadvertent data exposures.

Strac Confluence DLP's Advantage: Strac Confluence DLP fortifies Confluence by continuously scanning pages, comments, and attachments. With proactive alerts on unauthorized access or data sharing, Strac DLP ensures that your organization's intellectual reservoir remains protected.

Notion DLP Scan

Why? Notion's versatility in handling notes, tasks, and databases makes it a central hub for various organizational data. This flexibility also means diverse avenues through which data can be shared and accessed, necessitating vigilant monitoring.

Strac Notion DLP's Advantage: Strac Notion DLP's integration with Notion ensures a multifaceted protection strategy. Strac DLP ensures that your data remains safe, regardless of format, by monitoring every nook and cranny of Notion, from notes to databases.

Showcasing the Notion DLP Scan
Strac Notion DLP

ClickUp DLP Scan

Why? ClickUp, rapidly gaining traction as a powerful project management and productivity tool, centralizes tasks, docs, goals, and more. While its comprehensive nature aids in streamlining operations, it also consolidates sensitive information in one platform, making it essential to ensure strict data protection.

Strac ClickUp DLP's Advantage: Strac ClickUp DLP's integration with ClickUp provides a holistic oversight over tasks, comments, attachments, and more. By continuously scanning and monitoring all interactions within ClickUp, Strac DLP ensures that project details, timelines, and other sensitive information remain strictly within the organization.

HelpScout DLP Scan

Why? HelpScout, as a customer service tool, is a gateway to countless customer interactions through emails, chats, or docs. While crucial for providing top-notch support, every conversation can also contain sensitive customer data that demands protection.

Strac HelpScout DLP's Advantage: By integrating with HelpScout, Strac HelpScout DLP offers real-time monitoring of every customer interaction. Be it emails, chat logs, or notes, Strac DLP ensures that sensitive data is flagged, monitored, and kept away from unauthorized access, solidifying customer trust.

Salesforce DLP Scan

Why? Salesforce, a CRM giant, is a treasure trove of customer data, interactions, and sales pipelines. This wealth of information, if not protected, can be a goldmine for malicious actors, making security paramount.

Strac Salesforce DLP's Advantage: Strac Salesforce DLP offers specialized scanning tailored to Salesforce's structure. By continuously monitoring customer data, interactions, and sales details across all Salesforce objects like Cases, Email-To-Case, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Strac DLP ensures that your business's heart— customer relationships—remain secure.

‎Intercom DLP Scan

Why? Intercom, central to many organizations' communication strategies, holds vast amounts of customer interaction data. The real-time nature of these interactions can sometimes lead to data vulnerabilities if not properly monitored.

Strac Intercom DLP's Advantage: With Strac Intercom DLP, every conversation within Intercom is under scrutiny. By analyzing communication patterns and ensuring that sensitive data isn't inadvertently shared, Strac DLP makes Intercom a secure communication channel.

Service Now DLP Scan

Why? Service Now, an IT operations platform, is a nerve center for many organizations' IT strategies. From incident reports to change requests, it holds sensitive data that, if exposed, can lead to significant vulnerabilities.

Strac Service Now DLP's Advantage: Strac Service Now DLP brings its advanced scanning technology to Service Now, ensuring that every ticket, report, and request is secured. By offering insights into data access patterns and ensuring that sensitive IT data remains shielded, Strac DLP becomes an indispensable asset in IT operations security.

Zendesk DLP Scan

Why? Zendesk, as a customer support platform, houses a plethora of customer interactions and data. While seemingly benign, each ticket can contain sensitive information that needs protection.

Strac Zendesk DLP's Advantage: Strac Zendesk DLP enhances Zendesk's security by scanning every customer interaction via tickets or chat. By ensuring that sensitive customer data remains confidential and is accessed only by authorized personnel, Strac DLP solidifies trust in your support processes.

Strac Zendesk Redactor
Strac Zendesk DLP

AWS CloudWatch Logs DLP Scan

Why? AWS CloudWatch Logs, a monitoring service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), contains logs from various AWS resources. While invaluable for diagnostics and monitoring, these logs can sometimes contain sensitive information or hints about the infrastructure's vulnerabilities.

Strac AWS CloudWatch DLP's Advantage: Strac AWS CloudWatch DLP, when integrated with AWS CloudWatch Logs, provides an in-depth scan of all log entries. By analyzing patterns, flagging sensitive information, and ensuring that logs remain inaccessible to unauthorized entities, Strac DLP turns CloudWatch Logs into a secure monitoring solution.


Why? AWS S3, a popular object storage service, is the bedrock for many organizations' data storage needs. From documents to databases, S3 buckets can house vast amounts of data. However, misconfigurations or lax security measures can lead to unintentional data exposures.

Strac AWS S3 DLP's Advantage: Strac AWS S3 DLP's integration with AWS S3 offers meticulous scanning of every bucket, object, and access policy. By continuously monitoring for potential security lapses, ensuring that buckets are not publicly accessible, and flagging suspicious access patterns, Strac DLP ensures that data in AWS S3 remains sealed tight.

Slack DLP Scan

Why? As a primary communication channel for many teams, Slack is bustling with data exchanges every second. From file sharing to off-the-cuff discussions, there's always a risk of sensitive data being shared unintentionally.

Strac Slack DLP's Advantage: Strac Slack DLP integrates with Slack to monitor every channel, direct message, and file shared. By alerting users to potential data leaks and ensuring that conversations remain within the organization, Strac DLP turns Slack into a fortress of secure communication.

Slack Redactor App showcase in Slack

‎Teams DLP Scan

Why? Central to many corporate communication strategies, Microsoft Teams is a hub for meetings, chats, and file exchanges. Its integration with other Microsoft products means a vast flow of data, necessitating top-tier security measures.

Strac Teams DLP's Advantage: Strac Teams DLP offers specialized scanning for Teams, ensuring that every chat, meeting recording, and shared file is under constant surveillance. Strac DLP fortifies Teams as a trusted communication platform by ensuring that all communications remain secure.

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