September 13, 2023
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Strac Data Loss Prevention Reviews: G2 Fall 2023 Report

Strac's Data Loss Prevention Reviews: Setting the Gold Standard in G2's Fall 2023 Report


  • Strac receives stellar ratings in G2's Fall 2023 report, with a perfect 5/5 user rating and unanimous positive feedback on ease of use and quality of support.
  • Strac earns multiple badges in various categories, including Data Loss Prevention, Sensitive Data Discovery, and Cloud Security.
  • Users praise Strac's seamless integration, accuracy, and top-notch service in securing communication channels and protecting sensitive data.
  • Strac's achievements and rave reviews confirm its position as an industry leader in delivering top-tier Data Loss Prevention solutions.
  • Businesses looking for trusted data security solutions should consider partnering with Strac.

The data loss prevention landscape has continuously evolved over the past few years. Big and small companies are constantly looking for the best solutions to protect their valuable data. In light of this, Strac's recent accolades in the G2 Fall 2023 report are a testament to its commitment to excellence. Let's dive into what the numbers and reviews have to say.

Strac's Data Loss Prevention Reviews: Stellar Ratings Speak Volumes

Not every day a company achieves such consistently high ratings from its user base. The numbers from G2's Fall 2023 report are nothing short of impressive for Strac:

  • User Rating: Strac boasts a perfect 5/5 user rating, showcasing its consistent quality and user satisfaction. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Ease of Use: A whopping 100% of users gave Strac's Ease of Use a 5-star rating, indicating a user-friendly experience from start to finish. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Quality of Support: Yet again, 100% of users lauded Strac's Quality of Support with a 5-star rating. Such unanimous positive feedback underscores the company's dedication to assisting its clients. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Ease of Setup: 96% of users found Strac's setup process to be a breeze, bestowing it with a 5-star rating. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

G2 Fall 2023 Accolades: A Badge of Honor for Strac's Data Loss Prevention

Strac didn't just stop at ratings. The G2 Fall 2023 report saw the company earning multiple badges across various categories, including Data Loss Prevention, Sensitive Data Discovery, Cloud Data Security, and Cloud Security. Here are the badges Strac proudly flaunts:

🏅 High Performer

🏅 High Performer Americas

🏅 Best Support

🏅 Easiest To Use

🏅 Easiest To Do Business With

🏅 Best Meets Requirements

🏅 Easiest Admin

🏅 Users Most Likely To Recommend

Reviews from the Frontline: What Users Are Saying about Strac's Data Loss Prevention

Regarding "Data Loss Prevention Reviews," firsthand experiences from users paint the most accurate picture. Let's hear from some satisfied Strac users:

"Strac has been a game-changer for us. Their tool seamlessly secures our Intercom instance, promptly detecting and redacting sensitive PCI and PII data. The integration was straightforward and completed in less than 10 minutes. What stood out was the accuracy of their software and machine learning capabilities. The support has also been remarkable, making our experience with Strac all the more pleasant." - Executive, Progrexion (a Credit Report Repair Company), Financial Services,~1000 employees

"Finally someone is doing things right. We needed a robust solution to protect our communication channels for security and compliance reasons. Strac's Email Redaction solution stood out. With Strac guarding all our employee inboxes, the redaction experience is seamless and top-notch. The system effortlessly catches sensitive content across various formats, from pdfs and word docs to images in emails. With an integration time of just a few minutes, Strac's service is unparalleled, especially when compared to other SaaS providers. We wholeheartedly recommend Strac to businesses aiming to secure their SaaS applications." - Nathan, IT Director, Financial Services

Checkout all reviews on G2 here:

Wrapping Up: Strac's Data Loss Prevention in G2's Fall 2023 Report

Strac's achievements in the G2 Fall 2023 report clearly reflect its commitment to delivering top-tier Data Loss Prevention solutions. The rave reviews and stellar ratings confirm its position as an industry leader. As businesses continue to prioritize data security, partnering with a trusted name like Strac becomes all the more crucial. Strac is here to stay and lead if the reviews are any indication.ews are any indication.

Founder, Strac. ex-Amazon Payments Infrastructure (Widget, API, Security) Builder for 11 years.

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