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May 22, 2024
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Is OneDrive PCI Compliant?

Exploring OneDrive's Compliance with PCI DSS Standards

Is OneDrive PCI Compliant?
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May 22, 2024
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Is OneDrive PCI Compliant?

Exploring OneDrive's Compliance with PCI DSS Standards



  • OneDrive can store PCI data with precautions.
  • Data leakage risks exist, but can be mitigated with proper controls.
  • New PCI 4.0 requirements impact handling of PCI data in OneDrive.

Can You Store PCI Data in OneDrive?

Yes, you can store PCI data in OneDrive, but with certain precautions.

OneDrive, as part of the Microsoft 365 suite, is compliant with various global standards, including PCI DSS, when used correctly. It provides robust security features such as data encryption both at rest and in transit, access controls, and auditing capabilities to help organizations meet their PCI obligations.

However, ensuring PCI compliance also depends heavily on how an organization configures and uses the service.

Businesses implement their own controls for data protection, access management, and regular audits to maintain PCI compliance.

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Strac OneDrive DLP Integration: Redaction & Remediation

Can PCI Data Be Leaked from OneDrive?

The risk of PCI data leakage from OneDrive exists, as with any cloud storage platform. The common causes for data leaks include improper access controls, phishing attacks, and accidental sharing of sensitive information.

OneDrive offers features like Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which can help mitigate these risks by identifying and protecting sensitive information based on organization-defined policies.

However, without vigilant monitoring and timely response to alerts, the potential for unnoticed data leakage remains a real threat.

What are the New PCI 4.0 Requirements for PCI Data in OneDrive?

PCI DSS 4.0 introduces rigorous standards, impacting how PCI data is handled in cloud platforms such as OneDrive. Here’s how OneDrive users need to adapt:

1. No Unauthorized Copy/Relocation of PAN

Requirement 3.4.2 mandates the protection of the Primary Account Number (PAN) from unauthorized copying or relocation. OneDrive users must implement strict access controls and tracking mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel with a clear business need can move or copy PAN data. This is crucial in OneDrive’s distributed cloud environment to prevent unauthorized access.

2. PAN Must Be Unreadable

Under Requirement, PAN must remain unreadable during storage. This involves encrypting the PAN using strong cryptographic methods and managing encryption keys diligently, as outlined in PCI DSS Requirements 3.6 and 3.7.

OneDrive’s encryption features provide the necessary tools to secure data at rest and ensure that stored PAN data is inaccessible to unauthorized users.

PCI DSS 4.0 Changes

3. Incident Response for PAN Data Leaks

Requirement 12.10.7 requires proactive incident response strategies to address unauthorized PAN data occurrences. OneDrive supports this through its comprehensive monitoring and alert systems, enabling quick detection and response to potential leaks, ensuring that any compromised data can be quickly contained and secured.

4. Protecting Payment Information on OneDrive

To maintain PCI compliance, avoid storing cardholder data unless absolutely necessary. If storage is unavoidable, ensure that OneDrive’s security configurations are optimized. This includes using encryption, enforcing strict access controls, and regularly auditing access and usage logs to prevent unauthorized access.

To stay compliant with the new PCI DSS 4.0 standards, entities must continuously evaluate and enhance their OneDrive usage practices, focusing on encryption, access controls, and comprehensive incident response strategies.

How Can Strac Prevent PCI Data Leaks from OneDrive?

Strac excels as a SaaS/Cloud DLP and Endpoint DLP solution, equipped with innovative features:

  • Built-In & Custom Detectors: Strac fully supports detection for sensitive data elements crucial for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations. Users can also tailor Strac to recognize custom data elements. Strac is the only DLP in the market that can detect and redact images (JPEG, PNG, screenshots) and perform deep content inspections on documents (PDF, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, ZIP files). Explore Strac’s complete catalog of sensitive data elements.
  • Compliance: Strac’s DLP capabilities facilitate compliance with major standards such as SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO-27001, CCPA, GDPR, and NIST.
  • Ease of Integration: Integration of Strac with client systems is swift, often under 10 minutes, providing immediate benefits such as live scanning and redaction in SaaS applications.
  • Accurate Detection and Redaction: Strac employs custom machine learning models trained on various types of sensitive and confidential data, ensuring high accuracy with minimal false positives and negatives.
  • Extensive SaaS Integrations: Strac boasts a broad array of SaaS and Cloud integrations. Learn more about these at: Strac Integrations.
  • AI Integration: Strac extends its protection capabilities to AI applications and LLM APIs, enhancing security across platforms, including OneDrive. Discover more in the Strac Developer Documentation.
  • Endpoint DLP: Strac is a leader in endpoint protection, offering comprehensive coverage for both SaaS and endpoint environments. Check out Endpoint DLP.
  • API Support: Strac provides robust API options for detecting or redacting sensitive data. Review the extensive Strac API Documentation.
  • Inline Redaction: Strac effectively redacts sensitive text within any document or email attachment, providing another layer of security.
  • Customizable Configurations: Strac offers out-of-the-box compliance templates to detect and redact sensitive data, with flexible configurations to meet specific business needs, ensuring tailored data protection.

Strac's OneDrive DLP integration enhances data security by detecting, monitoring, and preventing sensitive data exposure across your OneDrive environment. For ongoing compliance with standards such as PCI, consider reviewing our PCI Compliance guide.

To learn more and see Strac in action, book a free 30-minute demo today.

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