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March 23, 2024
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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for ChatGPT, Gemini and LLM (Generative AI)

Learn why you need a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for ChatGPT, Gemini/Google Bard, LLM Models, Generative AI

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for ChatGPT, Gemini and LLM (Generative AI)
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March 23, 2024
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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for ChatGPT, Gemini and LLM (Generative AI)

Learn why you need a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for ChatGPT, Gemini/Google Bard, LLM Models, Generative AI


  • Generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and Google's Bard are reshaping creativity and efficiency but pose data security risks.
  • Strac offers AI DLP solutions to safeguard sensitive information in generative AI platforms.
  • Strac provides immediate risk alerts, automated ML algorithms, message redaction, and configurable security actions (alert, block, redact, pseudonymize) for ChatGPT.
  • Strac extends DLP solutions to Google's Bard or Gemini, ensuring real-time data security monitoring and configurable remediation actions.
  • Strac's AI DLP solution integrates seamlessly with Large Language Models to protect sensitive data and ensure data integrity and compliance.

In the rapidly evolving digital age, generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and Google's Bard (or Gemini) are reshaping the boundaries of creativity, efficiency, and interaction. As these advanced tools become integral to businesses, the imperative to safeguard sensitive information against potential security threats has never been more critical. Strac, standing at the forefront of AI Data Loss Prevention (DLP), offers innovative solutions to navigate these challenges. This blog post delves into the security risks associated with generative AI, highlighting Strac's pivotal role in ensuring data integrity and compliance across various platforms.

1. The Security Risks of Generative AI

Generative AI, through its expansive learning capabilities, has the potential to streamline operations, foster innovation, and enhance customer engagement. However, this technological marvel comes with its share of data security risks, including data leaks, breaches, and non-compliance with stringent data privacy laws. The very nature of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Gemini, which learn from user inputs, presents a latent risk of inadvertently exposing sensitive information. Whether it's confidential details of a pending merger, proprietary software code, or personally identifiable information (PII), the misuse or unauthorized disclosure of such data could have far-reaching implications for businesses, including legal penalties and reputational damage.

2. AI DLP for ChatGPT

Strac offers a comprehensive suite of DLP solutions tailored for ChatGPT, mitigating risks and enhancing data security. Key features include:

  • Immediate Risk Alerts: Upon detection of sensitive data within prompts, such as PII, PHI, or proprietary information, Strac swiftly notifies businesses, enabling quick remedial action.
  • Automated ML algorithms: Leveraging proprietary ML algorithms, Strac continuously monitors and flags sensitive content, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Message Redaction: Strac ensures user privacy and data integrity by redacting sensitive portions of dialogues, maintaining confidentiality.
  • Configurable Security and Remediation Actions: Businesses can tailor their DLP strategies with Strac, setting specific data sensitivity rules and choosing from a range of remediation actions like audit, alert, block, or redact, ensuring a balanced approach to data protection and operational flexibility. Strac AI DLP is a Data Loss Prevention solution designed to act as an AI Copilot, safeguarding against the unintentional dissemination of sensitive information or files on platforms such as ChatGPT and Google Bard. Strac AI DLP operates in three distinct modes:
  1. Block Mode: This mode identifies sensitive messages and prevents the submission of inputs that contain sensitive information.
Strac AI DLP that blocks sensitive data posted on ChatGPT
  1. Redact Mode: In this mode, the solution identifies sensitive content and obscures it, ensuring only the sanitized message is forwarded to the external server.
Strac AI DLP that redacts sensitive data posted on ChatGPT
  1. Audit Mode: This functionality identifies sensitive information and permits its transmission to AI websites or any other online platforms while simultaneously alerting the security teams.
  2. Pseudonymization Mode: This innovative feature allows replacing sensitive data with pseudonyms, enabling ChatGPT to generate useful outputs while safeguarding real data.

3. AI DLP for Google Bard or Gemini DLP

While Strac extends its DLP solutions to ChatGPT, it also encompasses services for Google's Bard or Gemini, ensuring a robust data protection framework irrespective of the platform. By implementing similar DLP strategies, Strac guarantees that businesses using Bard or Gemini can also benefit from real-time data security monitoring, automated sensitivity analysis, and configurable remediation actions, ensuring that their interactions with these LLMs are secure, compliant, and efficient.

4. AI DLP for Large Language Models (LLMs)

The core of Strac's DLP strategy lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with LLMs, offering a protective layer that shields sensitive data from exposure.

Strac's cutting edge APIs integrate with any third party partner or LLM model and can detect/block sensitive data present in LLM model. It does via its innovative proxy pattern.

Check out the API Docs: ‎

Outbound proxy
Strac Integrates with any LLM model and redacts or detects sensitive data sent to LLM model

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: What are the security risks of generative AI?

Generative AI poses risks such as data leaks, breaches, and non-compliance with privacy laws due to its learning capabilities from user inputs, making it crucial to safeguard sensitive information.

FAQ 2: How can you protect sensitive data in generative AI?

Real-time access control and robust data policies, along with Strac's comprehensive AI DLP solutions for ChatGPT/Google Gemini or LLM Models, are pivotal in protecting sensitive data within generative AI platforms.

FAQ 3: Will generative AI use our data to train their models?

It's prudent to assume so and take necessary precautions, including using DLP solutions like Strac to limit what data can be shared with these platforms. Read our blog post on Does ChatGPT Save Data?

FAQ 4: Do we need new data security policies specific to generative AI?

Yes, reviewing and updating data security policies to address the unique challenges posed by generative AI is essential for maintaining data integrity and compliance.

Please checkout Strac DLP for ChatGPT/Google Gemini or Strac DLP for LLM Models,

In conclusion, as businesses navigate the complexities of integrating generative AI into their operations, partnering with a seasoned DLP provider like Strac becomes indispensable. By leveraging Strac's comprehensive suite of data protection solutions, businesses can confidently harness the power of generative AI while ensuring their data security posture remains robust and compliant.

Strac AI DLP Solution - Remediation Actions

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