Sharepoint DLP

Sharepoint DLP

Scan, Classify and Redact PII or Sensitive Files - Sharepoint DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

TL;DR: Strac addresses critical SharePoint concerns such as data breaches, insider threats, regulatory non-compliance, and operational visibility. The Strac SharePoint DLP Solution delivers comprehensive real-time monitoring, automated data categorization, advanced redaction, intelligent alerts, and streamlined compliance management, all through a user-friendly interface tailored for organizational needs.

The Significance of SharePoint DLP and Addressed Challenges

SharePoint, a premier collaboration and document management platform, is integral to modern business operations. However, its extensive use raises several security and compliance issues:

  1. Inadvertent Data Exposure: With SharePoint's complex sharing and permissions settings, there's a heightened risk of accidentally exposing sensitive information. Strac's DLP solution minimizes this by ensuring only authorized access to sensitive content.
  2. Insider Threats: SharePoint's broad access can be exploited by malicious insiders. Strac mitigates this through meticulous monitoring and control over data access and usage, preventing unauthorized sharing or alteration of sensitive documents.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: SharePoint's role in storing and handling vast amounts of data makes compliance with laws like GDPR and HIPAA challenging. Strac simplifies this, automating data handling practices to meet regulatory standards effortlessly.
  4. Visibility Gaps: SharePoint's native tools may not provide full visibility into data usage and user activity. Strac closes this gap, offering a comprehensive overview of data interactions across the platform, enabling proactive data security management.

Introducing Strac SharePoint DLP: Key Features and Advantages

Strac enhances SharePoint's capabilities with features designed to protect and manage your organization's critical data:

  1. Real-time Monitoring: Continuously observe data movement and user actions within SharePoint to promptly identify and respond to unauthorized activities.
  2. Automated Data Classification: Leverage Strac's intelligent classification to organize data by sensitivity levels, ensuring that protective measures align with compliance requirements and business policies. Strac has a comprehensive catalog of sensitive data elements: ‎  
  3. Advanced Redaction: Strac's redaction tools protect confidentiality by masking sensitive details in documents, reducing the risk of data leakage without hindering accessibility for authorized purposes.
Strac Inline Redacted Document - Masking SSN and EIN
  1. Intelligent Alerting System: Utilize Strac's AI-driven alerts to detect potential security incidents without overwhelming administrators with false positives, enabling focused and efficient threat response.
  2. Compliance Management: Strac not only aids in identifying regulated data but also enforces policies and generates detailed audit trails and reports, making compliance verification straightforward during audits.
  3. User-friendly Customization: Strac's interface is built for ease of use without sacrificing depth, offering clear insights into data distribution, sharing activities, and temporal data flow trends within SharePoint.

Why SharePoint DLP with Strac Stands Out

Strac transforms SharePoint's data protection capabilities by addressing the platform's unique challenges with tailored solutions. From enhancing security to simplifying compliance and improving operational visibility, Strac empowers organizations to use SharePoint with confidence, knowing their data is safeguarded by a sophisticated DLP system designed for the modern digital workplace. With Strac, businesses can leverage SharePoint's powerful collaboration and document management features to their full potential, assured by the knowledge that their data security and compliance postures are not just maintained but strengthened.


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