HelpScout DLP

HelpScout DLP

Detect & Mask (Redact) Sensitive Help Scout Conversations - Help Scout DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

TL;DR: Strac's Solution for Help Scout DLP

  1. Customers frequently include confidential details in their Help Scout messages, potentially leading to security vulnerabilities and regulatory issues.
  2. Strac's solution is designed for detecting & redacting sensitive data in Help Scout conversations. Strac Help Scout DLP detects and redacts/masks/hides sensitive conversations (messages) and attachments within Help Scout conversations.
  3. With both "Detect Only" and "Redact" modes, Strac provides functionalities like redacting once the conversation is concluded.
  4. Strac is equipped to identify and conceal a wide range of sensitive data, from personal data such as PII and PHI to payment details and more. Strac's library of sensitive data elements is flexible and supports regex customization.

The Challenge with Help Scout and its Significance:

When seeking support or assistance, customers often share sensitive personal information (like PII or PHI) in their Help Scout messages. Here's why safeguarding your Help Scout communications is paramount:

  • Security Vulnerabilities: Every platform is vulnerable to security threats, and Help Scout is no exception. Protecting customer data within these platforms is crucial.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Governments are consistently introducing consumer privacy regulations to safeguard user data from potential threats. Keeping track of and complying with these evolving regulations, especially when data is scattered across multiple platforms, is a significant challenge.
  • Historical Data Breaches: In recent years, multiple data breaches have affected billions of records. Such breaches expose emails and reveal passwords and other sensitive data. Organizations often take months to detect these breaches, leading to significant financial and reputational damages.
  • Insider Threats: Both unintentional data leaks and malicious insider threats have seen a notable rise, further emphasizing the need for effective data protection solutions.

How Strac's Redaction Solution Addresses Help Scout Concerns:

Strac's Help Scout DLP software comes with two primary modes:

  • Detection Only: Upon setup, it autonomously identifies sensitive messages and attachments in Help Scout conversations. Security and Customer support teams can then review these findings within the Strac UI Vault and receive alerts.
  • Redact: After configuration, Strac will mask or redact sensitive information, with privileged users able to review these redacted Help Scout messages in Strac's UI Vault.

For redaction purposes, organizations can define a list of sensitive data types. Audit reports detailing access patterns can be sent to Compliance, Risk, and Security officials.

Here's an illustrative list of the types of data Strac can detect and redact:

  • Identity: Such as Driver's License, Passport, and Social Security Numbers.
  • PII: Including names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.
  • PHI: Covering medical record numbers, insurance IDs, and biometric data.
  • Financial Data: Such as bank account details, credit card numbers, and more.
  • Secrets: API keys, passwords, and similar confidential details.
  • Network Data: IP and MAC addresses.
  • Cryptocurrency: Including seed phrases and cryptocurrency addresses.
  • Customizable Rules: Create your own definitions or utilize regex for granular control.

Explore Strac's comprehensive catalog of data elements and ensure your Help Scout communications are secure and compliant.


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