Generative AI DLP

Generative AI DLP

Monitor and Protect data leaks through Generative AI websites


  • Strac's Data Loss Prevention solutions help organizations safely manage generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and Gemini.
  • Generative AI tools pose risks such as data breaches, compliance issues, and shadow IT, which Strac's solutions address.
  • Strac enables centralized policy enforcement, access management, and protection for data in generative AI platforms.
  • The solutions also help mitigate shadow IT risks, secure sensitive data, and provide visibility and control over AI usage.
  • With features like sensitive data discovery, data leakage prevention, and unified policy management, Strac ensures safe integration of generative AI tools.

Unleash the Power of Generative AI with StracUnleash the Power of Generative AI DLP with Strac

As generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and Gemini gain popularity, they bring new risks to sensitive data. Organizations must navigate these challenges to harness the full potential of AI without compromising data security. Strac's industry-leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions provide the control and visibility necessary to manage generative AI chatbots safely and effectively.

Why You Need Generative AI Data Loss Prevention

Generative AI tools offer immense benefits, from rapid financial analysis to automated code generation. However, they also present unique risks:

  1. Data Breaches and Leaks: Generative AI applications learn from the data input they receive, potentially exposing sensitive information if not properly managed.
  2. Compliance Risks: Regulatory frameworks like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA require stringent data protection measures. Using AI without adequate controls can lead to non-compliance.
  3. Shadow IT: Employees may use unauthorized AI tools, creating blind spots in your data security strategy.
  4. Intellectual Property (IP) Risks: Sensitive business information and intellectual property can be inadvertently shared with AI applications, risking leaks to competitors.

Strac’s generative AI DLP solutions address these concerns, enabling organizations to enjoy the benefits of AI while safeguarding their data.

How Strac can help with Managing Risks in Generative AI DLP

Centralized Policy Enforcement for Generative AI DLP

With Strac, organizations can centrally manage policies to control access to generative AI applications. This centralized approach simplifies policy management, ensuring consistent enforcement across the organization. Key features include:

  • User and Group Management: Tailor access based on user roles, departments, and specific needs.
  • Application Control: Limit access to approved AI tools and redirect users to sanctioned applications.
  • Real-time Policy Updates: Implement policy changes like Alert, Warn, Block, Redact, Pseudonymize instantly across all devices and environments.
Strac Generative AI DLP: Block mode if a sensitive information is submitted to chatgpt

Protect Data on ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Anthropic Claude, Microsoft Copilot with Strac Data Loss Prevention

Strac’s DLP solutions offer comprehensive protection for data in ChatGPT, Gemini, and other generative AI platforms. Key capabilities include:

  • Access Management: Control who can use generative AI within your organization.
  • File Upload Prevention: Block the upload of sensitive files to AI applications.
  • Clipboard Protection: Prevent pasting sensitive information into AI chatbots.

Exploring the Next Generation of Shadow IT Risk in Generative AI DLP

Generative AI tools can enhance productivity but also pose significant risks if not managed correctly. These applications can inadvertently expose sensitive information through data inputs. Strac’s solutions help mitigate these risks by:

  • Controlling Usage: Determine who can access generative AI tools.
  • Blocking Sensitive Data: Prevent the transfer of sensitive data to AI applications.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Provide detailed insights into AI usage and data interactions.

Securing Generative AI Data with Strac Data Security

Strac’s comprehensive data security measures ensure that your organization can safely integrate generative AI tools. Our solutions include:

  • Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification: Identify and classify sensitive data across your organization using 1,700+ out-of-the-box policies and classifiers.
  • Data Leakage Prevention: Stop data loss through generative AI by blocking unauthorized actions, such as copying and pasting sensitive information.
  • Unified Policy Management: Manage data loss prevention policies from a single, centralized interface.

Visibility and Control for AI Enabled by Generative AI DLP with Strac

Strac provides unparalleled visibility and control over AI usage within your organization. Our solutions allow you to:

  • Limit Access: Control access to AI applications based on users, groups, and other criteria.
  • Redirect Usage: Guide users towards approved AI applications and away from unapproved ones.
  • Manage AI SaaS Apps: Securely manage the use of thousands of AI SaaS applications.
  • Cover Emerging Tools: Ensure coverage of new and emerging AI tools through blanket policies based on AI categories.
Strac Generative AI DLP: Visibility across Users and Domains, and many more

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