Front Customer Support DLP

Front Customer Support DLP

Detect & Mask (Redact) Sensitive Front Messages - Front Customer Support DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

TL;DR: What is Strac and How Does it Help with Front Customer Support?

  1. Front revolutionized team collaboration by combining various communication channels into a single platform. But with this, comes the risk of exposing sensitive data.
  2. Strac Front App is a DLP solution designed to identify and redact sensitive conversations happening in Front.
  3. Strac Front DLP will obscure sensitive conversations and prevent sharing with unauthorized team members or channels.
  4. Companies can configure sensitive data components for Strac to scan, monitor, and receive reports on conversation access.
  5. Dive into Strac's comprehensive list of sensitive data components here.

The Challenge of Protecting Sensitive Data in Front Customer Support

Given Front's capability to integrate multiple channels, it's common for customers to share personal information (PII or PHI) via various means, be it email, SMS, or social media channels.

  1. Data Breaches: Sharing personal information over channels like Front can lead to inadvertent data exposure. Front's wide acceptance in various industries makes it a potential target.
  2. Insider Threats: As Front consolidates various communication channels, there's a risk of employees either accidentally or with malintent sharing sensitive information with unauthorized parties or channels.
  3. Compliance: With increasing scrutiny on data protection, companies using Front must ensure that they comply with regulations like PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and other regional data protection laws.

How Strac's Front DLP Address Concerns of Front Customer Support?

Strac Front DLP is a cutting-edge Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution tailored for the unique environment of Front.

  1. Identifying Sensitive Conversations: The Strac Front DLP will flag sensitive conversations happening across the Front platform. Activate Strac to receive reports on potentially risky shares or mentions.
  2. Redacting Conversations: While Front is designed for open collaboration, Strac ensures that sensitive conversations are obscured but accessible by authorized personnel through the Strac UI Vault.
  3. Controlling Sharing: With Strac, companies can prevent sharing sensitive data with unauthorized team members or external channels. With Strac, companies can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive customer support data in Front. For example, a shared message or document within Front can be sent further only with the data owner's consent.
  4. Custom Data Protection: Businesses can define a set of sensitive data components for Strac to monitor in Front – be it credit card details, API keys, or personal identifiers. Comprehensive reports are available for Compliance, Risk, and Security teams, detailing who accessed which conversations and when.
  5. Comprehensive Data Components: Strac comes pre-loaded with a range of sensitive data components that it automatically detects and masks in Front. Delve deeper into this exhaustive list here.
  6. Support for all mail providers: Since Front works with all email providers, Strac also works with all email providers like Office 365, Gmail, IMAP.


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