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January 4, 2024
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Why Automated Redaction is Necessary ? Best Practices and Tools

Automated redaction is a crucial security feature for sensitive data sharing. But no SaaS or cloud applictaion has an inbuilt

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Why Automated Redaction is Necessary ? Best Practices and Tools
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January 4, 2024
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Why Automated Redaction is Necessary ? Best Practices and Tools

Automated redaction is a crucial security feature for sensitive data sharing. But no SaaS or cloud applictaion has an inbuilt


With increasing concerns about data privacy, automated document redaction has become an important part of the data security strategy.  Some of you might have a question: why is data redaction important? Redaction is a document editing process, usually done to remove sensitive information to ensure that only relevant details are disclosed. It used to be manual work, but manually redacting the document is incredibly expensive, time-consuming, and can be affected by human error. This is where automated redaction software comes into play. 

The automated redaction software detects personally identifiable information, also known as PII, or sensitive personal information, also known as SPI, in e-documents and redacts them. The automated redaction software uses pattern matching to match imported information and its occurrence in the document. 

The automated redaction is divided into three categories:

  • Image-based
  • Text-based 
  • Hybrid based

This blog aims to answer why automated redaction is necessary? Which tools & best practices should you know while dealing with this crucial aspect of Data Security. Let's start by answering why automated redaction is necessary.

Why is Automated Redaction Necessary?

Automated redaction is necessary for several compelling reasons, primarily driven by the increasing volume of digital information, the complexity of data, and the need to comply with stringent data privacy regulations. Here are some key reasons you should consider automated document redaction.

1. Accurate Data Protection

Today, we depend on technology for our basic requirements, and at the pace technology grows, manual redaction needs to catch up. With automated redaction, you can have rapid, safe, and accurate sensitive data protection, mitigation of unauthorized disclosure, and mitigating the risk of data breaches. 

2. Compliance with Stringent Regulations

Various data protection laws like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA impose significant obligations on organizations. Automated redaction is a reliable ally in achieving and maintaining these regulatory requirements.

3. Data Handling Consistency

As mentioned before, manual redaction becomes a much of a chore. It can lead to the imperfection in the treatment of sensitive information. Automated redaction software provides a consistent method that minimizes the chances of overlooking the important data and ensures the uniform application of automated document redaction. 

4. Risk Management & Enhanced Security 

One of the main redaction processes is the possibility of data risk and security leaks. Automated redaction mitigates these risks using advanced algorithms and encryption techniques, ensuring a smooth and secure redaction process. 

5. Cost-Effective  

It can look like the investment for the initial costs associated with the implementation of the automation document redaction; it can be easily overlooked by the other advantages provided by the automation redaction software. The automation redaction software greatly reduced the efforts and time it took to do manual redaction. It results in the cost savings in the operational workflow.

Now that you have a clear idea about our main question: why you need automated reduction, let’s see what are the benefits & limitation provided by the automated document redaction.

Benefits & Limitation of Automated Redaction Software

Automated redaction is a cutting-edge data privacy solution that offers various advantages for organizations that need efficient, accurate, and scalable methods to safeguard sensitive information. But it is also important to remember that automated redaction is not without its challenges. It is important for organizations to address the potential drawbacks and aim for a balance between automation and manual work.

It is important to note that various secure collaborations now support these capabilities by integrating editing engines or integrating third-party search tools using various APIs. But what about SaaS applications? Do they provide support for automated redaction? What happens when they don't support automated document redaction? Let's find out!   

The Role of Automated Redaction in SaaS Applications

Leading providers of SaaS applications are integrating redaction into their platforms directly, in addition to offering independent automatic redaction tools. Sensitive document auto-classification and redaction is now possible with collaboration platforms like Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft SharePoint through native redaction integration or plugins.

As of late 2023, however, automated redaction features still need to be added to a number of well-known SaaS services. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are risks associated with using only manual review, such as:

  • If incorrect data is disseminated outside, there may be compliance problems.
  • Restricted awareness of the sensitive data that is there
  • Lower cooperation as a result of friction from external sharing
  • Time lost by end users manually redacting content

To lower these risks associated with document sharing, it is recommended that organizations using SaaS programs assess their redaction capabilities or third-party integration alternatives. Using automated redaction in the SaaS application is vital for various reasons such as:

  • Real-time data protection 
  • Compliance adherence
  • Security Enhancement
  • Workflow Streamlining

All these reasons make it important for SaaS applications to integrate the automated redaction .SaaS applications have become an integral part of modern business operations which handles the large amount of sensitive data daily  Let's look at the top automated redaction tools now in use in the sector. 

Best Practices for Implementing Automated Redaction Software 

A tactical approach is required when you're using the automatic redaction software. To leverage the benefits offered by automated document reaction software, there are certain best practices that companies should follow. Some of them include:

Establishing Clear Policies: Create clear guidelines for redaction, ensuring conformity and compliance with the data protection regulations. 

Regular Updates of Redaction Rules: Ensure the continuous updating of redaction policies and algorithms to stay up-to-date in these ever-evolving compliance requirements and enhance effectiveness. 

User Education: Educate the users on how to utilization of automation redaction tools, how to mitigate the risk of unintentional data leaks and it also ensures the data handling practices are also secure

Conducting Audits and Quality Assurance: Do audits regularly as a routine to validate the accuracy of redacted documents, which in turn will instill confidence in the automated redaction process and uphold the data integrity. 

Integration with Document Management Systems: Integrating the automated redaction tools into the document management system streamlines the workflow for enhanced data security and improved efficiency. 

Top 5 Automated Redaction Software

Strac Automated Redaction

Starc is a leader in automatic redaction tools; this DLP tool offers feature-rich data management solutions that balance security and compliance.  It offers redaction of sensitive data across various SaaS platforms, such as Zendesk, Slack to detect PII, PHI, and other sensitive data subject to breaches and can notify the customers. Above all, Starc provides built-in custom detectors for PCI, HIPPA, and GDPR API support for developers to detect and redact sensitive information. 

Slack Automated Data Detection Classification and Redaction

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Symantec, a well-known provider of all-encompassing cybersecurity solutions, offers strong automated redaction tools in its DLP.

McAfee Total Protection for DLP

The McAfee DLP automated document redaction software provides robust automatic editing capabilities, ensuring complete data protection

Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian’s DLP automated redaction software features advanced analytics features, which provide real-time data protection.

Proofpoint Data Loss Prevention

The industry leader in cybersecurity defends against emerging digital dangers by providing businesses with secure email, advanced threat protection, and compliance solutions. How can you do it on your Gmail or, if you're professional, then on Outlook? Then Strac is your solution! 

So, this brings us to the end of the list of automated reduction software. Now that you understand the tools, let's move forward to the best practices you should keep in mind. 


Data security requires automated analysis; it is not a luxury. Automated exchange technologies are vital for maintaining compliance, efficiency, and security, especially in SaaS systems where sensitive data is processed in enormous numbers regularly. Automated analytics integration is not just a smart practice for enterprises navigating data security challenges; protecting the digital assets that power today's organizations is also crucial.

Book a Demo now to learn more about automated redaction tools and data protection. Embrace the future of secure data management while fortifying your security.

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